9 Social Media Marketing Tips to Turn your Online Shop into a Success.

Today’s guest post comes from Claire, Growth Leader at OmbuShop. OmbuShop is the easiest way to set up your online shop and start selling in Latin America. Making sure you sell online is her business, so today she shares her arsenal of social media marketing tactics for eCommerce businesses.

You’re starting an eCommerce business and you’ve just set up your online shop. Well played! Now it’s time to bring in the customers. What’s the first step?

You know you’re supposed to be using social networks to market your products. Not sure exactly how? Here are our top 9 tips for getting started with the two major social players in eCommerce:


Let’s face it: people spend a HUGE chunk of their time on Facebook. Reading, stalking, watching videos of Boston terriers – it’s where we go to simply hang out online. Remember how people used to go to the mall to hang out? Well now businesses are focusing their energy on reaching us on Facebook so as not to lose sales. Here’s how to make our own mark:

Create a page and not a profile. Micro-businesses in Latin America started using Facebook to sell their products by creating a profile for their brand. However, the tools and features of the Facebook Page beat out the ability to tag people in your product photos. It’s important to show your clients that you’re a serious business. So how do you switch over? Once you create your fan page, invite your current “friends” to like it and post about it once a week on your profile. The true fans of your brand and/or products will follow you wherever you go.

Add your online shop to your Facebook page. Go beyond just uploading photos of your products; add a tab with your actual online shop. Your fans will be able to purchase your products without ever leaving Facebook (because that’s the last thing anyone really wants to do).

Don’t overpost. This is especially important if you are just starting to build up your Facebook audience. There is nothing that makes me unlike your page faster than constant updates that have very low value for me as a potential client. They say once a day is a good number, but I say don’t be afraid to post less while you’re still small (less than 1000 fans).

Give something away! You’ve got some people who have Liked your Facebook page; now you should give them a reason to keep paying attention, or, better yet, help you spread the word! I like Spider for running giveaways of your own products or to raffle off tickets to an event that your potential clients would love to go to.


If you haven’t gotten your business on Pinterest yet, you’re missing opportunities to make more sales. Studies show that people that come from Pinterest to your online shop are almost twice as likely to buy than if they come from Facebook. Plus Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined! So it’s time to get aboard. Here’s what I recommend:

A link to your online shop MUST be included in your pins. You can either upload your product photos from your hard drive directly to your Pinterest boards, or “pin” them directly from your online shop, but either way you can’t forget to add your online shop’s domain address. Users will be able to reach your shop directly by clicking on the image. More traffic to your shop, more sales.

Write meaningful captions. The caption of a pin is a great opportunity to add keywords that will help pinners find your products easily. If your product is a hat, do not fail to include the word “hat” in the description. Including the keyword with a hashtag – for example, #hat – helps users easily identify all pins in the same category, so you don’t have to rely 100% on Pinterest’s search feature.

Remind people of what to do! It may seem ridiculously obvious, but people react dramatically different when faced with instructions like “Order your pair of Guanacos today!” This is what’s known as a Call-to-Action, and you shouldn’t be afraid to remind people that your awesome pin is purchasable. Make sure you put some creativity into your Call-to-Actions and don’t just copy the same line for all of your product pins.

Need an invitation to Pinterest? We can help with that (at least until we run out). Send us a message on Facebook with your email address and we’ll invite everyone we can!

The Golden Rule

What’s the most important thing to remember about marketing on social media platforms?

Share content that’s not all about your products. Are you making mobile apps? Post that hilarious video of the cat with the iPad. Are you a purveyor of old books? Share photos of beautiful libraries around the world. This is the basis of content marketing: giving your audience something they value in an effort to build a rapport before pitching to them. This should be your rule for Facebook, Pinterest, and everywhere else you’re sharing your own content.

You can read more about content marketing on one of my favorite blogs, Quick Sprout and visit the OmbuShop blog for Spanish-language tips on how to sell more online!

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