The Hidden Cost of Adding New Features

Maintaining simplicity on your product is one of the most challenging aspects of a startup. Every feature you add is a feature that will modify your application, needing support and maintenance in the future.

These new features usually have more hidden costs than we think. And most times they lead to other new features compromising the usability of the site.

In our case we developed a very powerful referral and virality tool, always trying to mantain its simplicity and the minimum amount of features so our clients can do everything by themselves easily.

The problem we are facing now, is that our goal is to make a sticky product so we can benefit from a subscription model instead of one time fees.

With our current features our clients have incredible results, but they don’t stick to the product.

To solve this we’ve been brainstorming and thinking which features or tweaks we can make. But the problem is that we came up with lots of ideas and we don’t know which one to choose.

We can send an email asking our clients which one they like best (but I don’t think we will have lots of feedback). Or we can think the features as little MVPs with minimum goals and remove them if they don’t work out.

Has any of you tried the second approach? I like it, but I don’t really know how to do it without messing with the code or sacrifice our simplicity.

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